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Thread: Survey population rules

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    Survey population rules

    Hi there! I'm new here so be gentle

    I have a specific problem to solve and I'm stuck, maybe I'm not asking the right questions, but I can't get a solution for this. Something is missing.

    So, I want to create an online survey and I want a total quota of 200 answers.
    I want the answers to be from 100 males, 100 females and 100 people within a age of 18 to 25 years old.

    Imagine I have some sort of tool to create logic conditions that I need to pass to be able to answer the survey.

    Let's start with these 3 rules:

    max amount: 100
    gender = male


    max amount: 100
    gender = female


    max amount: 100
    age > 17 and age < 26

    If the first 100 answers are from 100 females with 26 years old, they are able to answer the survey, because I want 100 females, but we also want to have 100 within that age range.

    If I create two rules that are:
    gender male and (age > 17 and age < 26)

    gender female and (age > 17 and age < 26)

    This will be valid, but if I'm a female with 26 years of I will not be able to answer the survey. So it will prevent me to have these result (that is valid):
    100 males with 24
    100 females with 26
    Hope you can help me with this and that is a problem that fits in this forum.
    Since it's my first post, if I'm doing something wrong, please tell me


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    Re: Survey population rules

    Are you trying to create a mathematical statement that is true only when those three conditions are met? The question is a little unclear.

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