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I'm a total newbie with stats so please forgive me if I'm naive here. I would appreciate your help and expertise for my master's thesis. I'm using SPSS to calculate the scores.

One question for my research project is around trying to find out of there is a relationship between a person's degree of love and care for nature (LCN) and their relationship with their parent and whether there is a difference between conservationists and laypersons (i.e. people who don't work or volunteer in conservation).

The love and care for nature (LCN) score was determined by a 15 question likert scale where respondent's chose one of seven answers ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. The answers have been treated as interval/scale data in SPSS. This is the dependent or outcome variable.
(FYI- I did some calculations in SPSS to put the LCN score into a total figure so I could see if there was a difference in conservationists and laypersons, and I have this aggregate as a variable in my SPSS data which was created using ANOVA, if I remember correctly).

The relationship with parents responses were collected by asking respondents to rate their relationship with their mother, father, female carer and male carer (as appropriate) from 'No relationship', 'Poor', 'Satisfactory', 'Good' and 'Excellent'. This has been treated as nominal data in SPSS. These are the independent or predictor variables.

Could you please advise which test could be used to ascertain the relationship between LCN and the parental relationship and break it down into conservationist and layperson?
I was going to go with Chi-squared again but started to read up about paired t-tests and then linear regression and got very lost.

Also, I'm wondering if I need to do something with this data first so it can be used in a test (as was done for the LCN scores) and if so, what would I need to do?

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