Hi all, i'm currently in year 2 of a part-time MSc by research into Causal Bayesian Networks at York university; and as part of the study i'm researching qualitative networks. I have a research survey which I would like to get to as many people as possible, If anyone could find the time to complete the survey I would really appreciate it, it only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Please click the web link below and complete the research survey. There are 7 questions to complete, each question describes a specific scenario, for which you must provide an estimate for; please specify 1 or 2 words which best describes the scenario given. For example, each question is formatted as below:

Dave is growing some flowers in his garden, but has neglected to water them…

Describe in no more than 2 words how likely it is that Dave’s flowers will not survive for long? ______________

An example answer to this scenario could be “most likely”.

Don’t spend too much time analysing each scenario, just provide an answer which is your gut-feeling!


Thank you very much.