I am conducting a research to study the change in business skills, and attitude towards self employment after a compulsory intervention program for final year interior design and fashion design students at 2 government institutions A and B. A 3rd similar institution was selected as the control group C based on demographics (age, gender, parent work status). Data was collected at time 1 from 45 participants at institution A, 42 at Institution B, and 90 participants at C. For time 2, data was collected from 39 participants at Institution A, 40 from B, and 87 from C across the same set of students. Though, participants ID were provided at time 1, access was limited at time 2 to trace the ID so as to achieve matched participants for comparison analysis.

The same questions were asked at both times , added questions about variables on the intervention were asked at time 2. I am confused on how to merge the data files (cases/ data) and make comparisons such as T tests and MANOVA. Can comparison be achieved for this data sets? please help me out.