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Thread: Stratified Samples - Introductory Statistics

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    Stratified Samples - Introductory Statistics

    Good evening,

    My name is Simran & I am a student who is taking introduction to statistics. I have no clue on what I am doing here and would greatly appreciate some help regarding this question. If someone could walk me through on how to do this question please & thank you.

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    Re: Stratified Samples - Introductory Statistics

    It looks as if the problem is to choose 18 parcels at random from the total of 183, making sure that you have the right number of each sort. I imagine that Table B is a random number table. Label the plots from 1 to 183. It doesn't matter how. Pick random numbers from 1 to 183 by going down the list of random number starting at line 130, looking at the first 3 digits. If the number is more than 183, ignore it and move on down the page. Otherwise, choose the numbered parcel. If that parcel has already been chosen, ignore it and move on down. Keep a note of how many you have chosen of each type. If the type is full, ignore the number and move on down the random number table. Eventually you will have 18 parcels at random, with the right number of each type.

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