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Thread: Please Help Weird Question

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    Please Help Weird Question

    I have a very weird question which I guess is not replicated hopefully I can get an answer.
    when using the multiple regression analysis in excel via data analysis tool each one of the independent variables gets a coefficient with a certain value.
    the tricky question here is there any means that I can enforce excel to assign a value of 1 as a coefficient for a certain independent variable and hopefully it pops out the whole regression results.
    as an example of what I mean the following equation:
    Y = Bo + B1* X1 + B2 * X2 + ............
    what I mean here is to enforce a coefficient like B1 to be equals to one.
    I would really appreciate any help guys.
    Thank you...
    Note: I can use SPSS so if there is any soultion via SPSS I would be grateful

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    Re: Please Help Weird Question

    Y - X1 = Bo + B2 * X2 + ............ Just take X1 off Y before you start, and leave it out of the regression.

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