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Thread: Observed difference between two test for same patient is due to chance?

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    Observed difference in outcome between two test for same patient is due to chance?

    I have results from two very sensitive but different lab test trying to find pathogen in a patient sample. For some patients results from two test are not identical, listed below.

    Is there anyway I can check what are the odds that the difference observed between two test is due to chance?

    Patient ID Test1 Test2
    1 Pos. Neg.
    2 Pos. Neg.
    3 Pos. Pos.
    4 Pos. Neg.
    5 Neg. Pos.
    6 Pos. Neg.
    7 Neg. Neg.
    8 Neg. Neg.
    9 Neg. Neg.
    10 Neg. Neg.
    11 Neg. Pos.
    12 Pos. Pos.
    13 Pos. Neg.
    14 Pos. Pos.
    15 Pos. Neg.
    16 Neg. Neg.
    17 Pos. Pos.
    18 Pos. Neg.
    19 Pos. Neg.

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