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Thread: Rejecting or not rejecting the null hypothesis.

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    Post Rejecting or not rejecting the null hypothesis.

    A city council is considering drafting legislation related to the exclusion of renters with children. Since implementation will be expensive, they will only consider proceeding if the true proportion of apartments that prohibit children is more than 75 percent. Suppose that out of 125 sampled apartments, 102 exclude renters with children.

    Suppose the test statistic in a similar study conducted elsewhere was found to be 4.21. Would you reject the null hypothesis at significance level 0.01?

    This is the process I am going through.
    Test statistic=Zobs=4.21
    I'm really not sure how to go about this. Normally, I would look at 4.21 in the z-table, which gives me the p-value and then I would see if the p-value is less than 0.01 (then reject) or if the p-value is more than 0.01(don't reject).

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    Re: Rejecting or not rejecting the null hypothesis.

    Could this possibly be..khm...homework? We have a policy for that, please read.

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