Hello to all
I am a new member of this forum and the reason why I ended up here is the following: like many others, I am in desperate need of help, hints and insights!
To complete the revision I received for a paper I would like to submit, I need to change the stats I computed using Primer.
Here's the issue:
We sampled three distinct habitats three times, looking for certain species. The question was, if the two target species, which are abundant in this area, prefer different habitats (three other species occur in this respective area in such minor numbers, we left them out). We distinguished between the two main species and the abundance of juveniles, females, gravids and males.
Testing for significance, I computed a MDS based on a Bray Curtis similarity matrix. Results show that two of the habitats are more similar to each other than when compared to the third one in terms of species composition / population structure.
Now I received the opinion of one reviewer who argues that "the multivariate techniques in the Primer suite are appropriate for assemblage/community analysis of species abundance and composition, not for the analysis of only two species". It was furthermore suggested to analyse the data using ANOVA/GLM methods.
And now I am a little lost, as I don't really understand the point (as I thought the methods I used were suitable for what I wanted to test: abundance and composition), and more importantly I don't know how to proceed / analyse the data I have using SPSS.
Why are ANOVA / GLM methods here more suitable (a more extended explanation would be greatly appreciated) and how can I now make them work?
Any help will be valued greatly, thanks a lot in advance!
Best regards!