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Thread: Hello, I need some help please with two problems

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    Hello, I need some help please with two problems

    Hey guys, I have been struggling in this class and I am down to the last week, I have to pass this homework and extra credit problem to pass the class. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I graduate next semester and have to have this class over with. Thanks guys! Oh.... the reason I am behind is that our Prof. got sick and dropped out of sight for over a month. Needless to say, a good percentage of the class is on high panic mode right now. Hard to believe, but it happened. Another Prof. fiiiinally stepped up and resumed as usual...to bad most of us were lost. Online class.

    1. You own the company that makes the cheap store brand wine for Walmart (Chateau Trailerparc). You think most wine snobs base their rating of a wine on price, not the taste. So you get five wine drinkers and have them each rate the taste (X) of a glass of wine from 1-10. Each glass of wine cost a different amount (Y). You find that there is a significant positive correlation between the taste and price. Based on the information below, predict the price of the wine (Ŷ) when the taste rating (X) is 7. HINT: Donít forget to indicate the accuracy of your prediction. EX = 15, EY = 35, SP = 24, EX^2 = 55, EY^2 = 335, n = 5, r = +.80

    2. You want to check and see if there is a significant relationship between the number of times it rains (X) in the summer and the number of times you have to cut the grass (Y). For five years, you keep track of both variables and that data is below.

    X Y
    1 2
    2 3
    4 2
    5 6
    8 7

    Using all the steps, compute a Pearsonís correlation (and donít forget to say what your results mean.)

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    Re: Hello, I need some help please with two problems

    Hey I am in the same boat as you!!!!!! Have you figured it out yet????

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    Re: Hello, I need some help please with two problems

    No, and it is due tonight by 10 p.m. central time!! I need help so bad with this.

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