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Thread: Likert scale in SPSS

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    Question Likert scale in SPSS

    Iíve got an research assignment to do by means of questionnaire. Iíve got some basic info (gender, education level, etc) and then Iíve got 9 likert items (7-point). The last question has 6 possible answers (multiple choice) in which the person who answers it has to choose three of them. I want to check the association between gender and the likert-items, educational level-likert items, gender-choices from the last question, educational level-choices from the last question. Am I supposed to treat all the variables as nominal? and what kind of statistical tool should I use and in what order? (chi square, Kendall tau, mode, etcÖ).
    Thank you in advance for your time and help.

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    Re: Likert scale in SPSS

    afronef: It is sufficient for you to make only post - i.e. not multiple posts in different forums.

    Thank you.

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