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Thread: SEM versus multiple regression?

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    SEM versus multiple regression?

    Hello. I have a within-subjects longitudinal design with two time points. There are two DVs and 3 IVs. All are measured at both time points. I used a hierarchical linear regression to look at the effects of the IVs on the DVs, doing a within-time regression (t1 outcomes on t1 predictors/t2 outcomes on t2 predictors) and predicting across time (t2 outcomes on t1 predictors). In the across time regressions, I include the time 1 measure of the outcome variable.

    Someone suggested I should use a cross-lagged SEM rather than regression. My understanding, however, is that multiple regression, using all the variables and controls is simply a special case of SEM and that I am actually getting the same information. Can someone provide some information about how accurate this is and whether there is anything I am missing by using a regression model for analysis?

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    Re: SEM versus multiple regression?

    I have not dealt much with SEM in the time context, only cross sectional designs. There are differences between regression and SEM in that context. For example, SEM gets at indirect effects that regression can not (or not easily anyhow). Also in regression impact only goes one way, X influences Y, Y can not influence X. In some SEM models this is not true, that is it is possible for impact to flow both ways although these are more complex designs. I do not know how that influences time variations.

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