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Thread: 'e' in expected values in Poisson

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    'e' in expected values in Poisson

    Using this example (see below) could someone please tell me what the 'e' symbol stands for and how one would work out the expected values manually.

    'log(λi) = 1.65 + 0.43 xi
    where xi = 1 for a female, and xi = 0 for a male.

    Poisson Regression

    Using this example, we see that for a female
    λFemale = e1.65+0.43 = 8.004
    and for males
    λMale = e1.65 = 5.2

    In other words, the expected value for females is 8.2 and for
    males it is 5.2.'


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    Re: 'e' in expected values in Poisson

    e is Euler's number, approximately 2.71828.

    You need to exponentiate, e.g. 2.71828 ^ (1.65+0.43) = 8.004

    You should actually be able to find the e on a calculator (if that calculator also has pi), instead of typing 2.71828...
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