Hello everyone!

since Im not the best when it comes to statistics, I hope to find some good input over here !

Im currently writing my Master-Thesis. I want to explore the influence of about 5 factors on one specific dependent variable which is assumed to influence the acceptance/use/and more of IT-Systems.

Basically this is an SEM, BUT I want to manipulate the factors to see which one has an influence and in which order/ranking.

I want to start with an online-survey, where I show different configurations.

What is the best way to get insights? Explanatory Note: the factors will be on 2 levels (low / high). Normally i would have to use 2tothepowerof5 conditions = 32 -> not possible, to find causal insights.

Is it possible to use a between-subject design? Do I have to use Design of Experiments Approach? Which is the best/easiest approach?

I would be so thankful if you could give me some hints/recommendations.

All the best...