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Thread: What model to use?

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    Smile What model to use?

    Hi, I'm currently doing a piece of research that requires statistical analysis however this is very out of my comfort zone and I am unsure of what model to use.
    I have an 21 sites, and for each site I have two sets of data (1 & 2). What I would like to do is show whether there is a pattern (ie. higher 1 is higher 2, or lower 1 means a lower 2) between each site.
    For example at one site there is a bigger increase in difference between 1 & 2 than the next site, and whether there is a trend between for example at each site, if 1 is higher then 2 will be higher

    example data

    Site A: 1= 31, B= 72
    Site B: 1= 23, B=62
    Site C: 1=106, B=18
    Site D: 1=23, B=76
    Site E: 1=17, B=36

    does this make sense? Thanks a lot

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    Re: What model to use?

    Quote Originally Posted by jmht View Post
    does this make sense? Thanks a lot
    No, it usually helps if you actually describe the context. 1s, 2s, Bs, As, ?
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    Re: What model to use?

    It sounds like you want to determine whether there is a relationship between these two measures. Start with a scatter plot of the two. If there appears to be a relationship, try a correlation and regression.

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