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Thread: Correcting alpha for multiple anovas

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    Correcting alpha for multiple anovas


    I have 7 different properties, all independent, that are being mesured. Each property has a control and three disease groups. All independent. With each property, I compare the 3 disease groups to the control, but not the disease groups to eachother. I do this with ANOVA + Dunnett's test. So I have 7 ANOVAs.

    My problem is that I'm not sure how I should correct for multiple testing because I have 7 ANOVAS. Right now I do a Benjamini-Hochberg process for 7 measurements to correct the alpha for the p-values of the ANOVAs, then I just do the Dunnett's tests (in the ANOVAs that still have significant p-values) with no further correction. Is this correct?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Correcting alpha for multiple anovas

    Even a simple Bonferroni is enough, since you only have 7 pvalues. Dunett's contronls the family wise error rate?

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