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Thread: am i overadjusting?

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    am i overadjusting?

    might sound silly but for my research topic I am looking into insulin resistance (IR) and dietary factors. We are measuring IR by the use of HOMA2IR.., in my model I decided to adjust for diabetes status (normal, prediabetes, diabetes status)... do you think I am overadjusting ? I am asking because diabetes status has a VIF value in spss that is a bit above 3 (less than 4 for sure!) and I know that that might be a collinearity problem.

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    Re: am i overadjusting?

    Your description above is not that clear at all. For one, nobody here is going to know IR is insulin resistance, etc.

    Secondary, what is your actual model, what are you testing, and what is your concern? It is not transparent above. I would also help if you had better formatting as well.
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