Hi everyone,

I am really hoping someone can help me. I have my data all collected however I am really struggling how to analyse it. My supervisor is away and so I am kind of left here panicking over how to properly analyse my results.

I am trying to see whether people who are faster at categorising faces by emotion are also better at the emotional flanker task and subsequently better on the incongruent trials (conflict). In all, I want to see if there is a correlation between performance on a facial categorisation task and their performance on the flanker test. I think I am correct in saying a pearsons correlation is ok here. This was a repeated measures design by the way.

But I have also incorporated a normal flanker task as the control group, to remove confounding effects i.e. are people just fast at the flanker task in general. I want to disentangle their performance on the emotional flanker from the neutral flanker, but I do not know how to do this. I was guessing to do a two by two ANOVA (emotional flanker: congruent and incongruent) versus the neutral flanker (congruent and incongruent) and then interpreting the interaction effect but something tells me this is incorrect? My results show a correlation between performance on the emotional flanker and the neutral flanker so how do I disentangle their performance to see if it was truly to the IV or something else?

Thank you in advance, much appreciated.