I have those parameters from a multinomial logit regression that explains Education (L/M/H) by language (Dominant/Other Europe/Non-European).

Dominant ref ref ref
Other Europe 0.0325 -0.1722 ref
Non-European 3.0944 0.7367 ref

The parameter (0.0325) thus compares L to H for Other Euoprean compared to Dominant. Now I want to know what is the parameter for L compared to all other (M+H), so I was going to do 0.0325-(-0.1722)=0.2047.
1-Is this correct?
2-If so, why, when I perform a binominal logit regression (L vs Other), I get these parameters. In my mind, it should give the same:
Dominant Ref
Other Europe 0.1447
Non-European 2.4587