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Thread: Excel - is this a reliable data

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    Excel - is this a reliable data


    I have got a data set that i am using the regression tool on and I just cant clarify to my self if this data if good enough or not.
    Nr. 1 : R Square , here I only get 46% fit which is not so good
    Nr. 2 : Significance F is very low, and what I have read if it is below 0.05 the results are reliable
    Nr. 3 : The P values are all below 0.05 so thats all good

    The main problem is that I am doing a presentation and I want to be able to fully justify what I am doing and why this data set is reliable enough.
    Can you give me some hints on how you would do that?

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    Re: Excel - is this a reliable data

    These measures each tell you something different about your analysis.

    Working backwards on your questions:

    #3 This tells you whether a particular term should remain in your model. In this case the low p-values indicate that both the intercept and the term should stay in the model.
    #2 This tells you whether the regression model as a whole is significant. In this case it is.
    #1 This tells you whether the significant regression is any good at explaining the amount of variation observed. In this case, it's not very good. There may be a number of reasons why your R^2 is so low. The first suspect is the measurement variation. Others include missing variables, nonlinear relationships, missing covariates, noise factors, etc.

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