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Thread: Regression for river level prediction

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    Regression for river level prediction

    I am an avid whitewater kayaker. Many streams have US Geological Survey (USGS) gauges on them. However, some of the best do not. I would like to potentially find a better way to predict river/creek levels from upstream gauges, downstream gauges, drainage area of the rivers (sq mi.), and rain data found on weather stations within the drainage area (to include soil saturation if available, hourly rainfall, daily rainfall and weekly rainfall).

    Previous models only take upstream and downstream river gauges into account regardless of the effect of river confluences, if they even exist.

    If i can gather exact data points, could someone help with the significance and stats?

    By the way, I have taken up to Masters level stats, it has just been entirely too long since I've used the craft to be useful.

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    Re: Regression for river level prediction

    I am sure we are all more then happy to try and help you with your specific questions once you procure data. I am surprised you did not find more info, given there is a whole field of study on water tables, etc. (i.e., hydrology).
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