Hope you can help me.

I need an age and/or gender standardization for a task regarding drug perscriptions.

I have information about how many people given the specific drug in each area. But the problem is, that I have no knowledge about the age/gender profile of the affected patients.
So, I am not able to make a typical standardized number of perscriptions, based on subgroups of age/gender.

In stead, I am interested in calculating a 'weight' for the age distribution (and/or gender) in each area. I imagine that an area with young population would be given for instance a number of 1.05 to multiply the number of perscriptions, whereas an older population for instance should multiply their perscriptions with 0.95.

Does it make any sense to use standardization in that manner?

I have all age/gender informations about the population in each area, and have calculated age-groups for all populations.