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Thread: Emergency! My Statistics Exam. Please help me :(((

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    Emergency! My Statistics Exam. Please help me :(((

    Hi everyone. I am a new member of this great forum. I have some question sheets of my exam and I can't answer them. My exam will be taken on 12/July/2017. It is too important to me to have the answers. Please if someone knows the answers, help me and post the answers in here or message me.

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    Re: Emergency! My Statistics Exam. Please help me :(((

    Hi Andy, welcome to the forum. Your post was held up by our spam software (likely due to including attachments in your first post).

    I've deleted the images of your exam in your post; please read our homework policy here: http://www.talkstats.com/showthread....ho-show-effort

    We are not here to give you answers, although if you put in work yourself we can sometimes help you with working towards a solution to some homework. I am especially not keen to help give people answers to exam; that strikes me as cheating.
    Matt aka CB | twitter.com/matthewmatix

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