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Thread: Stats test method

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    Question Stats test method

    Question 1
    Sample 1(Age)
    Sample 2(Age)

    It is thought that sample 1 is older in this population. What test is appropriate to five evidence for this assumption. State the null/alternative hypothesis and give the test statistic and p-value

    Question 2

    30 year old males do not exercise as much as 30 year old female. 50 people were asked the frequency of exercise.
    Female / Male
    Daily 6 / 6
    once a week 15/16
    once a month 3 / 4
    Give the hypothesis, test statistic, analysis

    These are the two questions that I am really stuck with. Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Stats test method

    Hi! We are glad that you posted here! This looks like a homework question though. Our homework help policy can be found here. We mainly just want to see what you have tried so far and that you have put some effort into the problem. I would also suggest checking out this thread for some guidelines on smart posting behavior that can help you get answers that are better much more quickly.
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