Dear all,

I am using Excel for my (fairly simple) data set.

I first used the RANK-function to rate the data and then the CORREL-formula to calculate the Spearman correlation.

There a many ties in the data and Excel computes the average, which is the right thing to do.

My results indicate that there is a moderately strong relationship between my two variables but for my taste, this "feels" way too strong. I know that when I used a different formula for the ranks, the ties were dealt with in a different way but I am not sure how.
Some data went up from 0.2 to 0.5 and I don't know why.

Another problem: the value I computed for rS is not in line with (pun intended) the visualisation in a scatter plot. Some plots indicate a negative trend but there is a positive one, if at all.

I guess I am looking for someone who knows Excel very well and might even be able to have a look or share screens or something like this. I have a deadline approaching and I am very desperate :-/

Thank you so much for your time,