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Thread: one way ANOVA

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    one way ANOVA

    I have a question as well..
    In a one way - analysis of variance, when the in - between variance is high and the within variance is low, how would this influence your F - Statistics?

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    Re: one way ANOVA

    Recall that the F-statistic is a ratio of between sample variation, MSE(B), to within sample variation, MSE(W), so that F= MSE(B)/MSE(W).

    What happens to F in the case you described?

    Alternatively, you could approach it by saying that "large" F-statistics indicate differences between the groups. So, what do you think regarding differences between groups when groups are tightly clustered in themselves, but each is spread out from other groups? Does this indicate differences in groups or does it favor no differences in the groups? Do higher or lower F-values correspond to this conclusion?

    What do you think is the right answer so far?

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