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Thread: fizz fizz away

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    fizz fizz away

    okay one more for you that i think I know the answer.
    i apologize if these must seem easy and I may seem but hey i am not the brightest in math.

    fizz fizz has two types of soda, regular and diet. IF a researcher has 8 boxes of each, (16 total) how many ways can he pick two boxes of each?

    Seriously i feel really dumb and I should be able to figure it out, but I am having anguish
    So thank you so much


    784 is that the answer.

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    First of all, you're not dumb, so stop calling yourself that....

    Secondly, yes, 784 is the answer....you've gotten 2 out of 2 correct!!!!

    I think you know how to get the answer - if you want to send me a PM to discuss it, don't hesitate...don't think about it in mathematical terms, visualize yourself actually doing the actions described in the problem if that helps.

    Hint: it involves combinations, and the concept of independence that I explained before

    More than happy to help,

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