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Thread: treatment and control variables?

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    treatment and control variables?

    I am using an on-line effect size calculator and it asks for the M and SD of the treatment and control variables. Is treatment another term for independent variable and control variable another term for dependent variable? Finally are the M and SD obtained form the descriptive table in SPSS output of an ANOVA with Tukey post hoc?

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    Treatment and Control variables are both independent variables. If you're running a one-way anova, you only have a treatment variable.

    M is the mean and SD is the standard deviations. SPSS will give these to you, but you have to ask for them. You need to ask for descriptives, which will be either under Options or Statistics, depending on which procedure in SPSS you're using.

    If you run your ANOVA in SPSS GLM, it will give you the effect sizes directly (but again you have to ask for them).

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