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Thread: True or False Probability please help!!

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    Exclamation True or False Probability please help!!

    When a customer comes to a bank, there are three primary locations they may select to go to:teller, loan officer, or escrow department. Based on past experience, the following probability distribution applies:

    Location Probability
    Teller .60
    Loan officer .30
    Escrow .10

    Seventy percent of customers are male. The probability that the next two customers to enter the bank are males and go to the Loan Officer is 0.147.

    I know the answer is true, but how do you get the answer?


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    Maybe I'm reading this incorrectly, but I'm not convinced this is true.

    Work this out by multiplying the probability of a male by the probability of visiting the loan officer....this event needs to happen twice in a row.

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