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Thread: Need help reading PLUM (ordinal regression) output

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    Post Need help reading PLUM (ordinal regression) output

    I've got a study I'm doing where I'm going to need to do ordinal regression to analyze my data.

    My survey has nine ordinal-level items and the scores on these items would be the nine response (dependent) variables in nine separate analyses. The analyses would determine whether the scores on each response variable depend (separately or jointly) on some demographic predictor variables. Since the response variables are ordinal-level variables (and not continuous variables) this analysis is properly done with ordinal regression analysis.

    I'm new to this kind of analysis, so I was wondering if I could get some help in learning how to read the output. I found a sample output, and I'd like a better understanding about about how to read that one so I'll understand my own when I run it. This one is similar in design to mine (albeit simpler).

    I understand the Asymptotic Correlation Matrix (that's pretty straightforward), but the parameter estimates are a little harder. Anyone know this stuff?
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    If you still need help, I have an article and a free hour teleseminar on this topic that you can download.


    A couple thoughts:

    1. PLUM will be much easier to understand if you're already familiar with binary logistic regression.
    2. SPSS parameterizes the coefficients in a strange way. It actually makes it easier to interpret, but it can mess you up if you're not aware of it. I discovered it a few years ago and it took me half a day to figure out why this was happening.

    The Analysis Factor

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