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Thread: Pairwise comparisons

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    Pairwise comparisons

    If anyone has ANY idea at all i would be most appreciative

    My lab report includes pairwise comparisons, I have the SPSS output before me but I assume in reporting this I need to say what KIND of pairwise comparison it is.

    I suspect it is Bonferroni pairwise comparisons- is there such thing? and if so could anyone tell me about its function?

    I know pairwise comparisons look for significant differences between means...any elaboration would be GREATLY appreciated

    or simply, how does one report pairwise comparisons in APA format?

    if anyone could direct me to the right resources thank you muchly!!

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    As far as I know there are only Bonferroni corrections.....
    First make an ANOVA an then, if it is significant, Tukey or Scheffé pairwise comparisons.

    http://www.statsoft.com/textbook/stathome.html is a good resource for general statistics
    Good luck!

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    Yes you can do Boneferroni pairwise comparisons. But Tukey or Scheffe are more popular

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