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    Testing mean difference on group means, multiple independent groups/sites

    Hello Talk Stats group, I am trying to find out what statistical tests to run on a set of aggregate data (no individual data) on 3 different groups. My variables are summarized below (but I aam attaching a random example to make it more clear): Group 1 in site 1: Mean value (blood sugar)...
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    Prospective study. What test would be appropriate?

    Hey there! I am practicing on these data I have and I want to apply a statistical test. I want to compare 2 treatments: evolution and incidence of a certain disease after treatment. There were 3 groups taken into study: treated with A (n=78), treated with B (n=65) and C=control group...
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    Sample size when comparing 3 groups (proportions)

    Problem: I use a common clinical specimen divided equally into two sets with each set to test 3 culture media for growth of a certain organism after processing. The 1st is processed by method A. The 2nd processed by method B. After processing, inoculation to 3 media each was done for the...