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    Independence of the data

    Hello. I assigned 18 participants to the experimental group (n=10) and control group (n=8). The experimental group received intervention A and the control group received intervention B. After 6 weeks, I applied intervention A to the control group (n=8). Then, I mixed the data of both groups...
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    Best way to say something about the accuracy of a measurement

    Hi, I'm an engineering student and encountered a problem to which I did not find a solution yet, and wondered if someone could give me the benefit of their expert opinion. I'm going to perform an experiment in which I'll cook an egg using standing electromagnetic waves, only for a short period...
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    Statistical Tests

    I am currently completing my dissertation and I need to compare some wave data. I have the forecast wave heights and the actual wave heights. I need to find how accurate the forecast wave heights were and therefore need the correct statistical test or multiple! Thank you, Jess
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    Parametric vs. Nonparametric.

    Suppose a researcher estimated a parameter in parametric way with correct distributional assumption. Another researcher estimated the same parameter in non-parametric way. Will there any difference of accuracy (bias) in estimation in these two situations?
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    ANOVA on simple proportional accuracy scores versus on d prime indexes

    To answer this, you would need to know what d prime is. Here is a link: The method I used is z-score "hits minus false alarms" When I run an ANOVA on simple proportional accuracy scores I find no interaction between condition A...
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    Understanding correlations in order to test speed-accuracy trade-off in experiments

    I understand that in experiments where the measures of interest are speed (reaction time) and accuracy, for an effect to be valid one needs to make sure there is not a speed-accuracy trade-off (SAT). Namely, as reaction time gets quicker for a condition, accuracy should also be better for that...
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    What formula would I use?

    Im doing a project for my experimental psychology class . For my project I had to carry out an experiment start to finish. The purpose of my experiment was to see which sex is more accurate at detecting transgenders. So I had 10 pictures of non-transgenders and 10 pictures of transgenders. On...
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    Are Unbiasedness and Accuracy of the estimates, all to determine the sample size?

    For determining sample size , why is to focus on the unbiasedness and accuracy of the estimates ? Are this two properties, unbiasedness and accuracy of the estimates, all to determine the sample size ? In a simulation study of multilevel model, authors chose that combination of sample size...
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    Can correlation be used as a measure of accuracy?

    I have a paired data set of known age and estimated age, and correlation tests show that there is a strong correlation between the two, but what I want to know is, does that mean the estimates are accurate? My thinking is no, correlation cannot tell you if the estimated age is accurate, but...
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    Scoring model/formula to rank based on accuracy of data sources

    Let us say i have 5 different data sources. My aim is arrive a score to arrive the accuracy of this data sources. It is like below 1. Refer the section Data confidence calculation in 2...
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    Statistics of fault indicator and maintenance for repairable fleet

    There is a fleet of repairable units and the units have system health measurements which consist primarily of vibration amplitudes. The health monitoring system is "new", so the thresholds are based on standard deviations of "normal" operations. So, the thresholds are clearly too low...
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    prediction accuracy mlogit

    Hi, I am trying to perform a multilogistic model using stata. I used the command : mlogit TargetGroup PA_Score cigarweek cigwee age3 qw2 In standard logistic regression the solution would be the command class estat I have found this script online : // mlogit webuse sysdsn1...
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    Text book or article exposition on MLE (non-linear least squares) error analysis

    I am looking for a rigorous mathematical development of non-linear least squares error analysis, specially the accuracy of the MLE estimate -- either in a text or a paper. This involves an analysis of the use of the hessian of the objective function, and the variance of the residuals as a scale...
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    Estimation of the position accuracy of 2 set of points with different cardinalities

    Hi everyone, A simple question: I have 1 set of 2D location points A that I use as reference. I have another set of location points B generated by observations. Is there any standard method/measure to estimate a kind of position accuracy error knowing that - A and B dont have the same...