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    Questions on the Fundamentals for Various Sampling Methods

    Hello, I've recently been studying various sampling methods, specifically SRS (Simple Random Sampling), Stratified Sampling, Ratio/Regression Estimation, and Cluster Sampling. I wanted to ask a few questions regarding these methods to better understand the pros and cons for each of them and when...
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    Graduate certificate in biostatistics...worth it?

    Hello everyone glad to be on this forum. I am masters student, currently studying health sciences. Although the program's name is health sciences, most of my graduate training and courses have been in epidemiology, multivariate and univariate statistics and over the years I have become...
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    A Future in Statistics...Possibly?

    I completed a BA in Psychology at a small liberal arts school in the Midwest in 2005. I graduated summa cum laude with a GPA of 3.96. Good right?.... well, not really. I only did 1 internship an it was a stretch to connect it to my field of study. I was a research assistant for only 1...
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    Help to reply to reviewers. Is student t-test = anova for two groups?

    Hi, I have received the reviews for a paper I wrote where I have a rather complex design. But for my question I explain only the relevant bit. In a between participants design, I present participants with one of two scenarios (hedonic vs. utilitarian goal). As the classification was not...
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    Which method to choose?

    I think I figured it out, thanks for all the help though!!