1. D

    Help adding new column by indexing

    I have a dataset that looks something like this structure(list(Red = c(65.76, 57.07, 32.93, 43.78, 189.55, 115.87, 72.96, 51.84, 52.39, 59.03, 70.37, 83.95, 44.98, 47.38, 73.32, 108.53, 50.21, 54.44, 56.9, 53.06, 173.95, 153.75, 69.81, 27.01, 21.24), Green = c(15.22, 162.1, 65.84...
  2. M

    Generating rates: individual level or aggregate??

    Using approach 1; the average number of infraction per 100 days is 0.7 and option 2 ((7/175)*100)=0.9
  3. rogojel

    Elegant way to do the inverse of aggregation

    hi, I have a data frame with several factor variables and one numeric variable that gives the number of times a row with the given combination of factor values was obseved. I would like to disaggregate (if there is a such a word) the data frame to get one where a factor combination is...
  4. A

    Aggregate Loss Model (Actuarial Science)

    Question: Let S be the random sum of N independent frequencies {{M_i}} where N is negative binomial distributed with r = 5 and \beta= 3 and {M_i} is Poisson distributed with  = 3. Find F_S(3) Attempt: I know the formulas for these two distribution, but I am totally lost of how I...
  5. R

    Aggregate - data with multiple imputation

    I have data with missing values (less than 5%) . I used multiple imputation to impute the missing values and now I have the dataset with 5 imputations. I would now like to aggregate data (to the organization level). Can I use the normal "aggregate" command? How does SPSS deal with the multiple...
  6. V

    Which Model of ICC to use: one way; two way mixed, or two way random?

    Hello All, I am using spss 21 My goal is to justify aggregating individual lower-level viability scores into a team higher-level viability score using a likert-type scale. I have 24 teams, each has 4-5 members. Each member of the team rated 6 items on the viability scale. I have...
  7. S

    Merging 3 variables into 1 variable

    I need help please for my research. I've never worked with SPSS before!! When I did my questionnaire for each question I wanted and answer for more or less i asked it THREE times. Each time was in a different manner. Now that I wanna do the descriptive statistics I do not wanna deal with the...
  8. K

    How do I compute a variable that aggregate mode?

    I am asking for some advice on a data management procedure that would allow me to perform a function that would aggregate variables and return mode values. Aggregate command in SPSS does not allow to aggregate by mode offering options to aggregate by mean, sum, etc. I'm using a Likert scale...
  9. M

    Aggregated data conditional on date

    Hi I have some data, where I aggregate the information on a unique minute basis with the below code based on a dataset for 1 day. I would however like to be able to run this code with a datafile that is combined of multiple days. I have a date column in the dataset, so I can use that as a...
  10. M

    Aggregate data in 1 minute bars

    Hi I have been looking at many ways of aggregating data, but none seem to fit on the dataset I have. See below. What I would like to do is aggregate the data based on 1 minute time bars. The time variable is seconds after midnight, so 1:3599.999 second intervals, with the total amount of...
  11. L

    Aggregate function: how to get N break excluding missing values?

    Hello, I am trying to aggregate data of a variable number of measurements per day. Because it is a setting in which multiple variables are measured and not all occur in each case, there are missing values. I need to know the number of measurements that is aggregated for each different...