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    How would you do ? - data on trout reproduction in river

    Hello to all, I am currently studying the reproduction of brown trout (salmo trutta fario) on a French river. I have at my disposal a whole series of data that I collected myself from January to the end of May. Firstly, all the nests from 2022 have been geolocated and associated with the week of...
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    Median in R per participant for a specific variable

    I am currently working on the data from my research. Before I can run the analysis I need to find the median for a specific variable per participant. My data set consists of all the trials per participant and per trial there is data of that specific variable. How can I calculate the median for...
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    Questionnaire - Guidance needed.

    Hello, I am currently refreshing my knowledge about statistics and I would appreciate if someone could provide me some guidance on how to look at my current data set. I distributed a questionnaire asking participants: - whether they are working for a governmental institution, a corporation...
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    Selecting the best subject's data and features to optimize the analysis

    I am not good at statistical analysis. So I am posting here my case and looking for your kind suggestions. My case: I have data from subjects, which each subject has two similar runs that were performed at different times. These data are for 78 items, which belongs to two different categories...
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    A question regarding correlation

    I have a short question regarding the data analysis. I have 2 data sets. The first one is a signal which is yes / no / maybe and a second one is a data set which is response tot his signal in percentage. The percentage increases after each yes and maybe (Like a rain fact and plant disease...
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    Continuous response variable and categorical predictor - what type of analysis to use

    Hi, I am dealing with data in which the IV's are not easily partitioned - participants can belong to one, two+, or none of the categories for a given IV. Along with this, I am wanting to run the IV's on multiple DV's - differing volume measurements, so I am not quite sure how I would be able to...
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    How to start on data analisys

    Hey, i am new here and i would like get some advices to start on data analisys field. I study computing engineer and i work as programmer. For my work i have access to big amount of data that i would like analize. Any tutorial for first steps? Thank you in advance and sorry for my english
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    Regression analisys with Mixed models - Help!

    Hi to everyone! I am new to the forum! Very briefly, my problem is as follows: I started a research on videogame exposure and morality. I used exposure to videogames as IV and a measure of morality as DV. The scale used to measure morality has a 5 sub-scales. In a first step of...