analysis of covariance

  1. R

    Which test is appropriate for pre and post test (between and within subjects)?

    I have conducted a study where participants are split between two groups (treatment and control). I want to measure changes in depression and sleep disturbance pre and post-test (before and after intervention). I want to see interactions between-subjects for depression and sleep. I also want to...
  2. S

    ANCOVA assmptions not met.

    Hi, What is the non parametric alternative for parametric ANCOVA if we find that some ANCOVA assumptions are not met? How it can be done in SAS?
  3. L

    Multiple Regression OR GLM with repeated measures???

    I have the following data set. The average rent per year has been measured in 5 communities (one rent per community) over 10 years. Some of these communities knew at year 1 that they would get a new airport and hence lots of plane noise starting from year 10. My question: Does the...