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    Multi-state models: help?

    Hi, I’m a statistics BS student familiar with survival analysis. Can anyone explain to me what are multistate models, how they are used in survival analysis and what’s their relation with competing risks models? Thank you in advice.
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    Median in R

    I am currently working on the data from my research. Before I can run the analysis I need to find the median for a specific variable per participant. My data set consists of all the trials per participant and per trial there is data of that specific variable. How can I calculate the median for...
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    Correct statistical analyses

    Hello, I have a project I'm working on and I am unsure about which statistical analysis would be correct. My professor is not helping much and I am terrified of failing. I have two groups that I want to compare their results after treatment. One receives treatment and another group doesn't...
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    Which analysis is adequate: ANCOVA, multilevel...?

    In the experiment, after a baseline assessment, participants will be assigned to one of two conditions (between-subjects factor). In condition A, I expect their response time to be higher in large stimuli than in small stimuli, but slower in colored stimuli than in b/w stimuli compared to their...
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    Is multidimensional ROC Curve Analysis a thing?

    Hi, I'm a student of statistics and right now, in my course, we're studying validation of diagnostic tests. While learning about ROC Curves and AUC, I was wondering if does considering ROC Curves in the multivariate context make sense, and if so, how's the analysis performed and which are the...
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    How to interpret relationship between variables when one value has a disproportionate number of samples

    Hello all! I am in the beginning of a statistics project in my master's course which will be focusing on regression analysis later on. We have not yet done any regression analysis but have been asked to turn in a paper on initial findings and analysis, but I am having a lot of trouble in how I...
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    YouTube Trending Analysis/Statistics

    Hey All, I have information on a multiple YouTube channels. The information collected for each users channel is: channel name | the date/day | the number of subscriber on the day | number of videos on the day | a yes/no variable for if they have a video trending on that day. I want to see...
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    Choosing the Statistical Test (if exists)

    Hi! I'm new here and I need help with this: The data: I have 1000+ subjects each one scanned with a MR 3 times (with different sequence T1, T2 and IR). Each scan yields (after a segmentation) to the 15 volumes of the brain region in study (the brain region has 15 "sections" which volumes' are...
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    Fixing demographics behaviour

    Currently collecting employment/working satisfaction data from survey at different countries. Same set of questions is used. I have come across that people from some countries tend to be more optimistic/pessimistic than others. How can I take their answering behaviour into consideration when...
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    Value of Features and Attributes to Statistically Estimate Rental Unit Pricing

    Let me start by saying I don't have much of a background in statistics, but I am attempting to inject some statistical analysis into a relatively straightforward pricing model that I use to price rental units. I'm just looking for a place to start, so any help would be appreciated. I apologize...
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    PyCM : New statistical analysis library for post classification in Python

    A classifier is expected to face with many datasets with different characteristics such as being unbalanced. Besides, their missions are different, for example, categorizing data into just two classes or more than two. There are many different parameters for evaluating the performance of a...
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    Advice on methodology and analysis, regression.

    Dear all, For my Master’s thesis, I have some difficulties with the statistical part of my research. I want to analyze the relationship between two variables: Investment in Innovation (R&D) --> Concentration Ratio 1. Research & Development (R&D) Investments in an industry 2. Concentration...
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    ? Correct research analysis

    Hello I am currently applying for research ethics for a project however i cannot get my head around the correct statistical analysis for my project The problem i am trying to answer is that there are several reference values to score a participants breathing test score against. I am...
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    Multiple regression multigroup analysis in Amos

    I am testing the hypothesised effect in a model using SEM A -> B between two groups. The results of the standardised path coefficients (SPC) are Group 1: spc = 0.334 p < 0.001; Group 2: spc = 0.316 p = 0.181. I would have expected the effect of group 2 to be also significant although it is...
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    Choosing the correct analysis

    Hi everyone, Really needing help with choosing the right analysis for my variables. Background: I'm looking at the difference in amplitude for reaction times of negative, positive, and neutral words. The IV: reaction times (negative, positive, neutral words) The DV: amplitude...
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    I need help with my regression analysis for research capstone.

    Hi all, I'm new to regressions and also new to posting here. My topic is: How have E-books Affected College Textbook Prices? My hypothesis is: H0: The CPI for college textbooks will fall with the introduction of the e-book because increased innovation and competition causes an...
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    Which test should I use? (Questionnaire analysis)

    Dear all I just received all questionnaire responses but I am not sure which test is the best for analyzing the data. The questionnaires were distributed to two groups, one is for successful candidates; another one is for the unsuccessful candidates. Most of the data is nominal, and my...
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    Regression for comparing two groups on one variable? And t-test with survey data?

    Hi - I have two populations / groups that I need to compare on one variable. Now usually I would use a t-test or anova but ive been told that these are unable to be used with survey data in stata. Is this correct advice - can I not use a t-test or anova in stata with survey data? And would a...
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    repeated cross sectional-partially changed study population

    I have a large dataset (n=11804) that includes data from a cross sectional study conducted in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in patients in nursing its 'repeated cross sectional', right? However, some patients participated more than once, so in 2013 and 2014 or 2014 and 2015 or all 3 years...but...
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    The list of items that comprise the universe selected for analysis and is used in determining which items will be selected is called ________