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    Anova question

    Anova question... I know anova is typically used on three groups who take one test, for example, but can you use it on one group who takes three tests (to compare the means on the three different tests, when all participants took all three tests)?
  2. R

    GLM for two quantitatives data as DV

    Hello all, I have the following data res=structure(list(Zone = 1:12, Cat1 = c(0.5, 3.5, 1, 1, 2, 5.75, 9.33333333333333, 9, 11.6666666666667, 3.41666666666667, 4.58333333333333, 0), Other_cat = c(48.5, 45.5, 42, 52, 50, 42.25, 39.6666666666667, 34, 41.3333333333333, 42.5833333333333...
  3. R

    Study inhomogeneity at differents levels

    It's about a social psychology study. People assigned to 2 portions [ R (Right) L (Left)] in 3 spaces (88,29,25) that each one have 3 configurations (1,2,3) R and L are quantitites of person that follows the instructions while n_R and n_L are quantities of persons in each sample that do not...
  4. J

    What test should I use for comparing dependent groups?

    Hello, I am comparing individual's answers to 10 questions where they must put a low range and a high range. After answering these questions individually, they answer the same questions but in a group. I am hypothesizing that a measure they took on their individual goal orientation level will...
  5. M

    mixed repeated measures ANOVA

    I have a data set with two groups of participants - Group_A (anxious, not depressed) & Group_B (depressed, not anxious), out of which half of the participants in each group completed task in one of the two conditions (Training_1 & Training_2) at three different times (before, after and 1month...
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    What's wrong with my BANOVA (Bayesian ANOVA)?

    Hi everyone... I'm new to Bayesian statistics and I'm trying to perform a BANOVA. I'm using the following book to help me: "Doing Bayesian Data Analysis A Tutorial Introduction with R and BUGS", written by John K. Kruschke. I'm working on a simulated data set, trying to find a difference in...
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    one way ANOVA or paired t test?

    Apologies if this is a basic question, but my stats is very rusty these days! Background: I'm looking at a procedure that automates FISH analysis in a genetics diagnostics laboratory. I am currently running 7 patients that are negative controls (known normal patients) on the automated system to...
  8. Q

    How to interpret aov table for Error:Within from R

    I have sleep data where there are 5 groups of people, 4 medications, and 5 different days measured. I ran an aov on in R Studio, but the table came back looking like this: Error:Group:Meds Group Meds Residuals Error:Within Day Meds: Day Residuals What I don't understand is...
  9. B

    Scheffe test in Minitab it's possible? How?

    Hi members Why the Minitab program does not present the Scheffé test (of multiple comparisons of means) after the ANOVA test ... I have made a RM ANOVA and post it was looking for Scheffe test .... Surprise! It's not possible! Why? TIA Ivan
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    Effect Size WRS2 package : Robust anova

    pplying the one way robust Anova of the WRS2 package for a specific dataset I get the following results: > t1way(totspcam ~ bono_recibido, data = spend_red) Call: t1way(formula = totspcam ~ bono_recibido, data = spend_red) Test statistic: 49.4939 Degrees of Freedom 1: 2 Degrees of...
  11. L

    Testing normality of distribution: Shapiro-Wilk's test/Levene's test?

    I have data from an experiment with 5 conditions. The goal is to compare the impact of treatment on dependent variables between the conditions. To determine whether to use ANOVA or non-parametric equivalents, I conducted Shapiro-Wilk's test. It shows that the data is not normally distributed, so...
  12. M

    What statistical Test should I use? Anova?

    I have to compare the impact of incentives on an App users (If they avoid using cell phone while driving). The variable is discrete (Number of time they use phone while driving). The first sample is users in Jan-Feb without incentive (smaller in size) and the second sample is users in March with...
  13. H

    precision assessment of an experimental method

    Hi everyone, I have a very basic knowledge of statistics so apologies if the question is not formulated in appropriate terms. I really hope to get some help from you on this. I have data comprising a response variable and three predictor variables (a,b,c). I would like to assess the...
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    what type of ANOVA should I use?

    population =30 Breaking it down Number of male participants =20 Number of Female Participants = 10 Number of Working Participants(W) = 8 Number of Non-Working participants(nW) = 22 I surveyed the students and here are given the raw datas (multiple choice for question number one)...
  15. V

    Block design anova

    I have a question about what the most appropriate anova design is for my data. I am posting here because I cannot seem to get the search function to work. I have data from an ecological restoration project. It was carried out using 6 plots, 3 restored and 3 non-restored. Restored and...
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    Choosing the correct analysis

    Hi everyone, Really needing help with choosing the right analysis for my variables. Background: I'm looking at the difference in amplitude for reaction times of negative, positive, and neutral words. The IV: reaction times (negative, positive, neutral words) The DV: amplitude...
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    Analysis, Thesis on Mindfulness

    Hey guys, I am currently struggling with identifying the appropriate statistical method for my bachelor thesis. Participants are measured over 2 different points of time (t1, t2), separated by 8 weeks. Each measurement assesses V02 as the first dependent variable (1) over four different...
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    Statistical test for ranked data among 3 groups - ANOVA or Kruskal-Wallis?

    Hi all, I've read several books but I am not sure which statistical test to apply and whether my thinking is correct so I would greatly appreciate any help. I conducted a survey among three independent groups (managers N=110, analysts N=105 and investors N=80) and in one question I asked...
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    Test for ranked data among 3 different groups - ANOVA or Kruskal Wallis in SPSS?

    Hi all, I have read several books but I am not sure if my thinking is correct and would greatly appreciate if someone could help me. I conducted a survey among three independent groups (managers N=110, analysts N=105 and investors N=80) and in one question I asked them to rank, based on...
  20. L

    SPSS - repeated measures ANOVA (1 between subjects factor, 3 within subjects facotrs)

    Hi! I'm using a windows 10 system and SPSS 23. I'm struggling with the procedure to analyze my data. My design has 4 factors: 1 is a between subject factor (there are two different groups of people that I tested) and the other 3 factors are within subjects (size - 9 levels, pattern - 4 levels...