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    a question about statistic approach to use

    I moved this thread to another place and please delete this thread. Thank you.
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    ANOVA - discrepancy between main result and model parameters

    I am running a two-way ANOVA examining the influence of both school and gender on Likert scale answers. The Type III SS results show school significant (p=0,001), but gender or gender*school not significant. Type III Sum of Squares analysis (Variable 10.Based on your overall perception of...
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    Non significant results from one way repeated measures ANOVAs - what now?

    I am currently writing my thesis for an MSc in Sport Performance. My data collection involved running my participants through 5 different warm-up protocols (including baseline) and testing them in 3 different ways - stride to sprint times, jog to sprint times and agility times. I ran three...
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    Can you perform an ANOVA on r-values (correlation values)?

    Hi all: This may be a simple question but... I'm doing neuroimaging research and long story short, I am doing what is essentially a correlational analysis wherein my output is a brain's-worth of r-values (so like 15000 voxels worth of r-values). In this particular study I had 3 groups and I...
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    PISA 2012: Calculating variance explained by ESCS

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out why I am getting the wrong results! I am using the PISA dataset of 2012 to calculate the variance explained by ESCS (socio-economic status). I followed the steps in the PISA DATA ANALYSES Manuel 2nd edition for SAS: 1...
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    Hypothesis testing with predefined constant means

    Hi, How can I calculate the p-value (statistical significance) if my hypothesis asks for specific mean values? (Cross-Post with no answer yet: ANOVA test mean against predefined constant) I suppose this can be somehow calculated using ANOVA, but I could only find examples where the hypothesis...
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    HELP! 4x2 Mixed Design ANOVA Post Hoc Tests

    Hi all, I'm a PhD student and for my most recent study I conducted a 4 (experimental condition) x 2 (emotion type) mixed design ANOVA with repeated measures on the last variable. I followed the steps in Andy Field's textbook and companion website, conducting and interpreting my results...
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    Need help with testing for significant differences

    Hey all, it would be very nice if someone could help me! I want to test for significant differences in a dataset where I have 4 different locations for which I assessed the total weight (kg). So I have A-1 (kg), A-2 (kg), B-1 (kg) and B-2 (kg). I subdivided those then into different...
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    Error term in log-level models?

    I am running a decomposition of log wages for two time periods and want to explain the variance of the error term. My question is: If there is a wage growth trend, will this automatically increase the variance of my error term over time (keeping the explanatory power of other variables in the...
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    Help needed to check statistics in thesis

    I would really need someone to check my stats work for my thesis, as I am not entirely sure about what procedures I carried out. Quick overview of my my experiment: - I investigated 2 methods of using worked examples to study the division & multiplication of fractions in 2 year 7...
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    post hoc test for 3 way anova

    Hi, I am doing ANOVA using three fixed independent factors of which one is sex (two levels 'male' and 'female'), temperature (three levels: 1,2,3) and quality (two levels: good and bad) and I want to see the effect of these factors on dependent variable factors like life-span, weight and...
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    post hoc test for unequal sample size and variance

    Hi.I have a three way and two way significant interaction in ANOVA but the sample size and variance of each group is different. What post-hoc test can I use ? Due to unequal variance I had to rule out Tukey -Kramer test. Thanks:wave:
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    Sample size in equivalence trial?

    Hey all, For my thesis I need to calculate the sample size for an equivalence trial with four groups (the score on four equivalent forms in order to prove they are indeed equivalent). The study is done before with only one of the four forms, they found a mean = 19.8, SD = 2.0, tolerance =...
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    Basic help with stats for drug treatments

    Hi there :wave: So I haven't a clue where to start and am hoping someone on here can point me in the right direction. I'm starting to analyse my data from laboratory research but I don't know which test to use. My data is numerical and follows a normal distribution. I have 2 different...
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    Different results by adding a third group?

    Hi, In my study I first only compared two different groups (1 and 2) on a number of variables. For one variable in particular, these groups were significantly different from each other (found that on t-test and ANOVA). Now I added a third group to the sample. In each of the groups N=21...
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    One Way ANOVA/Post Hoc with Time as Independent Variable

    I've been working on replicating/updating an old analysis on student test scores that doesn't have a very helpful methodology section. I've spent a number of days searching online for a similar situation so I can see if what I'm doing makes sense with no luck. I would greatly appreciate any...
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    Logistic Regression as Data Transform?

    Hello everyone, new here, glad to be here! I have what might be an unorthodox question. I use the matlab function 'mnrfit' to compute a logistic regression model given input data. The matlab function 'mnrval' performs the inverse...
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    Monte-Carlo simulation of repeated-measures ANOVA

    Hello, I want to conduct a Monte-Carlo simulation of a repeated-measures ANOVA. The random numbers used for the simulation need to have specified mean values, standard deviations and correlations between the levels of the repeated-measures variable. Generating random nubers with a...
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    2 or 3 way ANOVA?

    Hi I'm not sure whether to use a 2 or 3 way ANOVA. My project I'm working on is focussing on one antibiotic and seeing how toxic it is at different concentrations and time points on bone cells obtained from different patients. I am aware there are 3 factors here, different patients, time...
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    Repeated measures Anova in SPSS (3x2) different factor levels

    Dear all, I'm trying to find out how to run a repeated measure anova for a 3x3x2 design with two within subjects factors in SPSS. The problem I face is that when I want to enter a factor with two levels and a second factor with three levels, SPSS asks for six within subjects variables...