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    Repeated t-tests or ANOVA for discerning difference between two treatments

    Hello, I am helping my sister with some statistics in her master's dissertation in behavorial/social sciences. I have studied a couple of courses on statistics/probability, but my proficiency could certainly be better. I have this book "An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and it's...
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    How to measure- effect of additional categorical DV on repeated m. ANOVA?

    Hello, I am helping a colleague analyze data from a user study. I am a little unclear how to deal with one of her measures. I would greatly appreciate any help! Description: Independent variable: -interface modality: -audio (A), visual (V), haptic (H), control (C- no interface) Main...
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    2x2 repeated measures Anova or one way

    I need help with the analysis of my latest experiment, I need to write it up by Mon so please help! I have two conditions with two different time intervals A1, A2 and B1 B2, I want to see whether the condition in which participants are in is influencing their response time. I was thinking...
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    HELP PLEASE :) ANOVAs repeated measures

    More I read more I get confused, so please help me ! 1. In 2 (2 conditions)x2 (2 time intervals) within subjects Anova if normality assumption is violated- what is the best option to go about? Ignore? 2. In 2x2 within subjects Anova if I have an interaction effect (all data ok)? Do I...
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    Repeated Measure ANOVA with muliple samples per participant

    I am currently doing an experiment where I measure the time it takes for a participant to complete a task. There are 7 different modes for the task and I test each participant in every mode. I randomize the order that each participant does the modes. This is the format of the data I'm...
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    [Prism 5] Gather or Individual Analysis? ANOVA or Kruskal?

    To whom it may help: My research is on cellular/molecular responses after hormones farmacological administration and I'm not quite sure how to perform statistical analysis. I have 15 test groups plus my control group (DMEM) and I did my experiments two different times (2 occasions) in...
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    2-way ANOVA or repeated measures ANOVA ?? please help for my thesis

    Dear all, I am working on this for a couple of weeks now and found several guides and examples on both of the methods above, but no example really fits my topic. I tried both of them and lots more with my data but just dont know, which procedure produces the RIGHT results.... I have 90...
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    [R]: Mixed model for non-normal y with many 0s and some high values in nested design

    Dear all, I am currently writing my master thesis on the effect of a certain insecticide on bumble bee colonies. In particular I am testing whether the insecticide affects virus or bacterium concentrations. In many colonies I haven’t found any viruses, but if they are present they can be in...
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    a question about statistic approach to use

    I moved this thread to another place and please delete this thread. Thank you.
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    ANOVA - discrepancy between main result and model parameters

    I am running a two-way ANOVA examining the influence of both school and gender on Likert scale answers. The Type III SS results show school significant (p=0,001), but gender or gender*school not significant. Type III Sum of Squares analysis (Variable 10.Based on your overall perception of...
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    Non significant results from one way repeated measures ANOVAs - what now?

    I am currently writing my thesis for an MSc in Sport Performance. My data collection involved running my participants through 5 different warm-up protocols (including baseline) and testing them in 3 different ways - stride to sprint times, jog to sprint times and agility times. I ran three...
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    Can you perform an ANOVA on r-values (correlation values)?

    Hi all: This may be a simple question but... I'm doing neuroimaging research and long story short, I am doing what is essentially a correlational analysis wherein my output is a brain's-worth of r-values (so like 15000 voxels worth of r-values). In this particular study I had 3 groups and I...
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    PISA 2012: Calculating variance explained by ESCS

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out why I am getting the wrong results! I am using the PISA dataset of 2012 to calculate the variance explained by ESCS (socio-economic status). I followed the steps in the PISA DATA ANALYSES Manuel 2nd edition for SAS: 1...
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    Hypothesis testing with predefined constant means

    Hi, How can I calculate the p-value (statistical significance) if my hypothesis asks for specific mean values? (Cross-Post with no answer yet: ANOVA test mean against predefined constant) I suppose this can be somehow calculated using ANOVA, but I could only find examples where the hypothesis...
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    HELP! 4x2 Mixed Design ANOVA Post Hoc Tests

    Hi all, I'm a PhD student and for my most recent study I conducted a 4 (experimental condition) x 2 (emotion type) mixed design ANOVA with repeated measures on the last variable. I followed the steps in Andy Field's textbook and companion website, conducting and interpreting my results...
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    Need help with testing for significant differences

    Hey all, it would be very nice if someone could help me! I want to test for significant differences in a dataset where I have 4 different locations for which I assessed the total weight (kg). So I have A-1 (kg), A-2 (kg), B-1 (kg) and B-2 (kg). I subdivided those then into different...
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    Error term in log-level models?

    I am running a decomposition of log wages for two time periods and want to explain the variance of the error term. My question is: If there is a wage growth trend, will this automatically increase the variance of my error term over time (keeping the explanatory power of other variables in the...
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    Help needed to check statistics in thesis

    I would really need someone to check my stats work for my thesis, as I am not entirely sure about what procedures I carried out. Quick overview of my my experiment: - I investigated 2 methods of using worked examples to study the division & multiplication of fractions in 2 year 7...
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    post hoc test for 3 way anova

    Hi, I am doing ANOVA using three fixed independent factors of which one is sex (two levels 'male' and 'female'), temperature (three levels: 1,2,3) and quality (two levels: good and bad) and I want to see the effect of these factors on dependent variable factors like life-span, weight and...
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    post hoc test for unequal sample size and variance

    Hi.I have a three way and two way significant interaction in ANOVA but the sample size and variance of each group is different. What post-hoc test can I use ? Due to unequal variance I had to rule out Tukey -Kramer test. Thanks:wave: