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    How to compare R2 across three independent samples?

    Is it possible to compare an R2 value across three independent samples? I am familiar with the Fisher r to z test, but this is only for correlation coefficients, correct? For instance, say I have three different age groups, three doses of medication, and then a DV of a test score: I test a...
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    Which statistical tests are appropriate: Group means before and after treatment

    I am trying to find out what statistical tests to run on a set of aggregate data (no individual data) on 3 different groups, variables are summarized below: Group 1 in site 1: Mean value (blood sugar) of the total sample before treatment, and mean value (blood sugar) of the same group after...
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    Testing mean difference on group means, multiple independent groups/sites

    Hello Talk Stats group, I am trying to find out what statistical tests to run on a set of aggregate data (no individual data) on 3 different groups. My variables are summarized below (but I aam attaching a random example to make it more clear): Group 1 in site 1: Mean value (blood sugar)...
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    Analysing Limited Data

    Help! For my thesis I involuntary have a small dataset due to a limited population. I was thinking about analysing this data with the statistical model ANOVA, using non-parametric tests or Bayesian statistics. What do you think works best? Or are there any other methods/models/tests I can use...
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    Which inferential stats test to use? PLEASE HELP

    Hello all, Someone please help. I'm conducting a study on how group gender ratios influences stereotype threat within career choices and level of gender identification, as well as how primes that blur intergroup biases can influence these DV's as well. IV1: Gender ratio (categorical) (3...
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    Correct application of multiple testing methods in projects with several experiments

    Hi! I have a problem with evaluating how I should correct my alpha and conduct statistical texts when I have several different exeriments in the same project, each with more than two groups to compare. - First off, I have a series of measurements that have a control group and three...
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    ANOVA or t-test?

    I want to test 2 different treatments (diets), repeating each treatment 3 times on 25 individuals independent samples. After each repetition, four variables are measured on the individuals (weight, size, variable3, variable4) all quantitative. I want to assess the differences between the...
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    One-way between-groups ANOVA or one-way repeated measures ANOVA

    Hi guys, I am currently writing my masters dissertation I have been advised to use a one-way between groups ANOVA test however I am not sure this is correct. Each participant had plantar pressure of their foot recorded on three occasions: 1. with no tape applied, 2. with zinc oxide tape...
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    SPSS: regression analysis for 3x2 experiment. How to test for interaction

    Dear all, For my research I have the following facts: - I have two categorical IVs: - treatment condition called competition, which has three conditions ("low", "medium" and "high") - Another factor that is given to half of the group, called accountability (two options...
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    Repeated Measures Anova question

    Thanks so much for taking a minute to read this! I am planning a dissertation and IF could get some feedback as to if I am on the right track, that would be great! I am planning on conducting a study that compares the effect of student type (ELL, students with LD and typical students) on...
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    Compare differences between exp. and contr. of two groups

    Hi! I already used lots of search engines without finding an answer to my problem. I am testing two methods for manipulating religious belief. For each of the methods there exists an experimental and a control group. So there are in total four groups (between-subject design). My hypothesis...
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    [SPSS-ANOVA] Should I use a mixed ANOVA design?

    Good evening I am writing to inquire how I should tackle the data for my dissertation research paper. I have two main problems that I will point out in this post. It starts off pretty simple. I want to determine wheter there are any significant differences in reaction times between two...
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    ANOVA - Does Welch's test assume homogeneity of variances, or not?

    In other words, will it return a much smaller standard error when variance are unequal than Fisher's? Or is it not concerned with variance?
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    ANOVA maybe?

    I realized the answer but can't see how to delete.
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    Help understanding tukey test difference of means.

    Hi all, I am using a Tukey test, posthoc analysis to look at the differences of means between 2 sample groups. My question is that I have one goofy comparison between 1 plot that received one treatment and 39 other plots that did not. I got a Standard Error for the difference of means. I...
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    Which ANOVA?

    Hi there :) I am struggling to determine which would be the most appropriate ANOVA analysis to use for some work I am doing. I have 3 independent groups: control, CBT group, and CBT + antidepressant group. For each individual, there are 2 pieces of data- before and after treatment...
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    Pooling time points to perform a Fisher test?

    Hello, I am currently trying to analyse an experiment to assess if rats with cerebral malformations have a sensitivity deficit on one of their front paws. I put 2 sticky dots on their front paws then look which side they turn to first. I repeated this over 4 trials. So my data look like...
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    Can I use ANOV for testing how correlation coefficient varies in condition??

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with the statistical analysis of my data namely I want to look into how anatomical values correlate with some electrophysiological ones, in different condition. Trying to simplify and explain, I want to relate the volume of some brain structures (a, b, c) to an...
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    Regression for comparing two groups on one variable? And t-test with survey data?

    Hi - I have two populations / groups that I need to compare on one variable. Now usually I would use a t-test or anova but ive been told that these are unable to be used with survey data in stata. Is this correct advice - can I not use a t-test or anova in stata with survey data? And would a...
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    2x2x3 Anova, what will it tell me?

    Hi - I would like to compare the means of a DV (emotional intelligence) between three different variables, those being; 1) Gender (are the emotional intelligence scores between males and females significantly different etc. etc.) 2) Group (again with two levels - one group with a disability...