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    which type of ANOVA to choose

    I'm doing an experiment about the correlation between working memory and math grades. And I have to do a one-way ANOVA test (or some other ANOVA). I already have the math grades, but the working memory score I have to calculate from a working memory test. The test is performed by having all...
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    When to control for multiple comparisons?

    I have a test that I have given people, and it is looking at two particular variables. Each variable has two item types. So either an item is, for example, nice or mean, or passionate or dispassionate. I wanted to look at whether responses to nice and mean items were differentially affected...
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    Dealing with missing data in Repeated-measures ANOVAs

    Afternoon all, I've been running a longitudinal follow-up study to assess outcomes following a psychological treatment for ME. As to be expected, there was a lot of drop-out by 12 months, the 5th time point of the follow-up. Usually I'd do a RM ANOVA to analyse this, but with the missing...