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    Calculating effect size.

    Hi, I'm learning about ANOVA's and understand that to report results I have to calculate effect size. We have been taught to calculate W^2 (Omega squared) first and then carry on with comparison tests. Can you tell me if the W^2 has to be significant before computing comparison tests or is...
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    [Post Hoc Tukey Repeated-Measures T-Test] Interpreting results & Confidence intervals

    This has been solved using SPSS
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    How do I report marginal means of a two-way unrelated ANOVA correctly? APA-style

    Hello, after doing a two-way unrelated ANOVA (General Linear Model > Univariate) on SPSS, I am confused how to report the output correctly. My professor told me to report only the marginal means of the cell means (I have 4 cells) but how exactly do I do that? Do I subtract one from the...