1. G

    Need help selecting appropriate tests for assignment

    I've had a bit of trouble with these questions. Basically I have a heap of data sets from a survey that I need to run tests on in a statistics-based program called SPSS (t-tests, regressions, etc.). I'm very stuck on what test to use for the questions below. If anyone has any ideas on what test...
  2. R

    Help regarding th topic: Shrinkage Precision Matrix Estimation with Application

    'Shrinkage Precision Matrix Estimation with Applications to Beamforming' or 'Shrinkage Estimation Precision Matrix with Applications to Beamforming'. I need help urgent regarding this topic. Any help like resources, references or how to solve this topic assignment please provide.
  3. Y

    R Coding Questions (Fitting log SLR onto normal scale)

    Hey guys I'm having trouble with R and which codes to use(Newbie): So I have some data, I've performed a simple linear regression (SLR), however I found that this doesn't give me the relationship I want. So I performed another SLR analysis using the log (base 'e') of both the variables...
  4. E

    Genstat help

    Genstat input - which structure should I use? Hi all, I'm doing a statistics unit as part of my uni degree and I'm having some trouble with an assignment question. We were given a set of data to analyse and I cannot work out which way to put it in genstat. All the options I've tried give the...
  5. F

    Combine two variables into new variable with labels

    Hi, I got two variables that I want to combine into a new variable with labels. As an example two variables and their values: colorCode colorName 2953 black&blue 5432 green&red New variable colorWithLabel 2953 (label:black&blue) 5432...
  6. C

    Basic Stat

    Help. I got stuck in my stat reviewer, kindly help me. (Google can not help me as i do not understand its discussion) 1. A vaccine that is currently used to immunize people against a certain infection has an 80% success rate.That is, 80% of individuals who receive this vaccine will develop...
  7. S

    Answer to Simple Prob Assignment

    This problem concerns MGB Problem 1 of Chapter 1: "One urn contains one black ball and one gold ball. A second urn contains one white and one gold ball. One ball is selected at random form each urn". Exhibit a sample space from this experiment. Why is the answer for omega contains the...
  8. U

    Mean Squared Error

    i've been attempting a question on mean square error and find it impossible to do so I was looking for some help. It's quite a long question here it is: Suppose a tv company wishes to estimate proportion of homes with at least 2 televisions. Suppose in fact unbeknown to the tv company the...