1. R

    Is it allowed to reduce a dataset of moving averages to run an AR(1) model properly?

    I run a simple AR(1) and AR(2) model with the following R-code: ar.ols(df$y, order.max = 1) ar.ols(df$y, order.max =2) My dataset is as follows: I do have yearly data and calculate generational averages, whereas one generation is equal to 30 years. In order to allow for overlapping...
  2. R

    How to perform Prais-Winsten autoregression in SPSS 16?

    When performing a linear regression on my dataset, Durbin-Watson was very low (0.276). I found a tutorial online suggesting to perform an Prais-Winston autocorrelation. The tutoral came with screenshots of SPSS on how to perform the analysis. The screenshots however, are from SPSS 14. I have...
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    Simple Question Seasonal Autoregressive Model

    Hi, I hope I'm posting this in an appropriate place. It's not exactly linear regression. If you have a seasonal moving average model like \displaystyle ARIMA(0,0,0)(0,0,1)_{12}, and you want to find the expectation of \displaystyle y_t, then you just use the fact that expectation is a linear...