bar charts

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    Bar plot for percentages of survey response data

    Hello, I am new to using SPSS and having some trouble figuring out a way to plot some bar graphs of some survey data that I have. The data are from a multiple choice survey where participants could select one or more items. Each of their responses are stored in separate variables. If they...
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    Indicate significant differences between two clustered bars

    Hello, I'm trying to add line and star annotation in a clustered bar chart, in order to indicate significant difference between two groups, similar to this: Example in MATLAB Can anyone help me, how can it be done in SPSS?
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    Very simple, yet tricky question about representing data in bar charts, any opinions?

    Dear readers, I have conducted analysis on a open answer question about quality of service delivered to customers. Currently, I am in the process of making bar charts, however, something easy becomes tricky when analyzing big datasets. Since the amount of data that I processed was quite...