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    Basic SPSS analysis- Complete newbie

    I just wondered if someone would be able to advice me for my SPSS analysis please. I have imputed all my data and now I am a bit stuck with the analysis. I am wanting to investigate the effect of brand attachment on affectionate loyalty and behavioural loyalty. My hypothesis is as follows...
  2. M

    What impact does number of trials (as opposed to sample size) have on power of test?

    Hi, I am working through some basic statistics courses online and am confused about sample size. I will try to illustrate my question with a concrete example: Suppose I wanted to know the average weight of fish in a river, and I knew that I only had time to collect 100 fish. Is there any...
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    I need help on R basics; particularly list manipulation

    First time poster - Thanks in advance for your help! I am reading in over a 1000 data input entries from a ".csv" file that look like the following list: can't drive after midnight and before 5am cannot drive from 12:30am-5am Be off the road by 12:30am I don't know 12:30 curfew curfew-12:30...