between group test

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    Help exam tomorrow!!

    Need help for stats exam tomorrow!! I missed class the day this was covered so I have no idea how to calculate all this. Ps, my stats book is not helping. The question is A small random sample of respondents has been selected to determine whether or not a city (N=5), a suburb (N=5), or rural...
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    test of significance for comparing change between two groups

    What test for significance is best to use to test the difference between the change of a categorical variable in a control group and the change in a pilot group? I do not think I can simply compare the 'after' for each because the 'before' for the two groups was statistically different - they...
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    Between group test, 2 independent variables which test to go for?

    Hi everyone, I am unsure of the statical test I need to run. The independent variable has two dimensions that should not interact with each other, however create one variable when set together (measured on a 7 point likert scale). I then have two groups, and present each group 4 scenarios...