binary logit

  1. victorxstc

    Bootstrapped binary logistic regression in R

    I am trying to run a bootstrapped binary logistic regression. I have loaded the dataset manually into Rstudio (don't know the syntax yet! actually the syntax I learned from Rcommander didn't work in Rstudio); and here is my code for the bootstrapped regression (thanks to this site): (the...
  2. D

    Experiment design and analysis for e-commerce

    Hi i'm new to the forum and hopefully somebody wants to offer me a bit of advice. I'm carrying out a marketing choice experiment to estimate the effect sizes of copywriting new texts for our webshop. So to set up the experiement, i've made a webshop mockup with 4 similar products, one of...
  3. O

    Binary logit

    Hello I need to discuss the strength and weakness of the model: There are two binary independent models: member of the party (coalition or other party) and how the candidate was elected (elected/ appointed). The dependent variable is whether people vote for a candidate or not (binary...