binary response models

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    Dis./Avantadges of estimating of binary response model with OLS

    In the Maximum Likelihood Estimator context, I can't find answers for those two questions: - What are the advantages and disadvantages of estimating of a binary response model with OLS ? - Same questions but compared to MLE ? I thank you in advance :o
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    chi square test

    I am running a chi square test, followed by a marascuilo test to compare a binary resonse with categorical variables as the independent variables. The dilema is that my total sample size is 1,000,000 so I am getting chi square values in the thousands, with no major differences in the actual...
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    Probit: Assumption e~N(0,1), why?

    Good evening, I have got a question according the Probit-Model. In this model we always assume that the error term is standard normally distributed. I understand, that it's a reasonable assumption that the error term has expectation zero - if we did not forget important variables - and that...